Bunnies on Ponies @ Cabaret

Amongst the usual info accompanying the email alerting us to a rare Bunnies on Ponies performance, was a brand new word – nosfarious. To quote… The nosfarious Bunnies On Ponies are making a rare appearance at Cabaret (ne Chow) this Saturday night from 11pm. We like it. If one of the Bunnies (or, indeed, one […]

The Chinese New Year is coming soon

January 28 until February 11. And listen up folks, it’s the Year of the Dog! What we’re particularly looking forward to is the Asian Market (11am-3pm) at the Events Centre on the waterfront on Festival Day (Feb 11). The food! The crowds! But mostly the food. Festival day will also sport a parade from Courtenay […]

A date for the prom

When’s the last time you stood by the wall hoping that someone would ask you to dance, and then they did, and you put your hands on their shoulders and they put their hands on your waist and you stepped left, and then you stepped right and oh man, it was so exciting, and you […]

Happy 2006

Wellingtonian flickr-ites Felicity and Philip were narrowly pipped at the post for first picture of 2006 to hit the American-based mega-site Flickr and the 2006firstpix pool (with their snap [above] of New Years revelries in Civic Square), by Masterton’s curiouskiwi (who has taken enough fine pictures of Wellington to qualify as a local anyway), who […]

Midweek Fantasy Costume Night! Slick Music! Half Price Entry! $5 Drinks!

I’m sorry, no picture, this is a family site. So I’m striding purposefully along Lambton Quay, minding my own business, head down… Suddenly I am forced to pause for a moment by the unexpected obstruction of what can best be described as somewhat generous cleavage. I look up into the eyes of an absurdly young […]

King Kong Premiere Red Carpet Screening looms

Well, the weather forecast doesn’t look too flash – “Often cloudy, odd shower. Humid with light winds” – but we suspect that won’t stop thousands of people heading down to Courtenay Place tomorrow afternoon (Wed 14 Dec) for the official NZ premiere red carpet screening of King Kong. A few roads in the vicinity are […]

Being part of the community

It’s all very good and well reading Wellingtonista every day, and thinking to yourself “hurrah, I am an active part of Wellington! I am hip and young and down with the kids” – but what have you done for the community lately? I’m not talking about giving to charity, or coaching a sports team, or […]


A recently received email from one of the better chess players in the region: This evening (22 November) starting at 6pm in the Central Library there will be a public spectacle. 30 of the strongest Chess players in the Wellington region face simultaneous execution at the hands of former World Championship Candidate, Nigel Short. This […]

Diwali: Festival of Lights

Diwali: photo by Karim Sahai Diwali, the Festival of Lights – a Hindu celebration that, according to Wikipedia, celebrates the triumph of good over evil, was celebrated in Wellington over the weekend at an event at the Town Hall. Deepavali or Diwali, is one of the most popular festivals of India and of Hindus. It […]

Wrestling to hit Wellington: March 2006

In news that will surely warm the cockles of many a teenaged boys heart, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have announced they’re bringing the SmackDown Road to Wrestlemania 22™ Tour (not sure if they’ve trademarked the number 22, or the preceding words as well) to Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, next year on March 4. Westpac Stadium Marketing […]