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2AWA: Best 2007 Wellington-based Event

There’s always something going on in Wellington, and we try our very best to keep you informed. Being only human, there are plenty of things that we miss, but there’s no way in Hell we would have missed any of the things below:
The event that made me get off my arse the most:

Events after the jump…

Notional Significance: Two Tides

[See all Notional Significance posts] The stream is now fully canalised, a tame channel running arrow-straight towards the harbour, as subtle as an engineer’s ruler. It once meandered across the broadening valley, softly folding into the estuarine flats. On its left bank, the colonial forces built Elliot’s Stockade to oversee the new road, but the […]

WBL Round Four Results:

Holy crap! The last game of the season is tonight, and things are looking tight tight tight!

Last week the Purple Cobras took the Bowlingtonista 471 to 349, picking up an extra point for their highest score, while Tom from the Bowlingtonista got the league point for the best flair, bowling without spilling a drop of his martini held in the other hand. The Furry Ferals took Xero 372 to 314, which means they’re tied for first place with the Cobras, although the Cobras have a by-week this week, which means in theory that unless the Ferals don’t show up they can’t win the league, but I’m going to throw things WIDE OPEN and announce that tonight there’ll be league points for fastest bowl, slowest bowl AND best flair, and I know the Cobras have booked their own league, so we’ll see how things go. Meanwhile Bowlingtonista will be playing Xero for last place, and the Mighty Boost will be trying to move up to first or second instead of third. All bets are off, except on us having a good time. 

Bowlingtonista: 7 

Furry Ferals: 22

Mighty Boost: 16

Purple Cobras: 22

Xero: 6


WBL 2008 Round Three Results

I wasn’t drinking last week at the bowling, so consequently, I forgot to pick up the score sheets. Ridiculous, I know.

But I can tell you that while a Dom Post photographer snapped merrily away, the Mighty Boost beat the Bowlingtonista AND got the slowest bowl, that the Purple Cobras beat Xero, and that Ferals showed up just to drink and cheer us on, so they got a league point. That means the scores stand as:

Bowlingtonista: 4
Furry Ferals: 16
Mighty Boost: 15
Purple Cobras: 15
Xero: 4

Things are looking as tight as the holes in a number 8 ball right now, so tonight will no doubt be full of excitement and sabotage. But, if you’ll just let me put on my teacher’s hat for a minute here, I was made aware of some rather unsportsmanlike criticism last week, and that is not cool. By all means, talk yourself up, and put down teams as a whole, but repeated calling out an individual player’s technique, especially when you don’t actually know them is for chumps. And there aren’t any chumps in our league, right?

WBL 2008 Round Two Results

Last week was Bowlingtonista’s by-week, hence why I was lazy with reporting. But my spies tell me the scores were:

  • Xero 338 to Mighty Boost’s 378
  • Furry Ferals on 438 to the Purple Cobra’s 378

With Jamesh from the Purple Cobras getting an extra league point for fastest bowl, the scores currently look like this:

Bowlingtonista: 2
Furry Ferals: 15
Mighty Boost: 8
Purple Cobras: 9
Xero: 2

See you tonight for more excitement!

WBL 2008 Round One: Results and a new table

bowlingtonistaSo much love to everyone who showed up last night (and especially to X who bowled for the Bowlingtonista as we were a member down).

The Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury from Clicksuite (bid on their auctions!) ended up beating the Bowlingtonista by just a couple of points at 462 vs. 281, and the Purple Cobras took the Mighty Boost 402 vs. 338. The league point for top score obviously went to the Ferals, and although the Purple Cobras had sashes, in the end the Ferals won best dressed too, for their ties and one player’s gold satin shirt. Xero were on their by-week, and as I hadn’t decided until now that you can get a league point in your by-week by some member of your team showing up to hang out with the other bowlers, they’re currently at the bottom of the league, but I’m sure they’ll pick up next week when the extra league bonus point will be for the single fastest bowl on the night.

So this is how things stand at the moment, pointwise:
Furry Feral Black Balls of Fury: 8
The Mighty Boost:2
Purple Cobras:6
Xero: 0

After the jump, there’s a new table of games, since Xero have joined, including by-weeks, in which you’re encouraged to experiment with your sexuality, or come along to cheer for the other teams.

WBL: Results round three

Oooh! Things are really getting exciting now.

Former league champions Xero took on Clemenger last night and didn’t come out victorious.

Meanwhile the random point awarded for most gutter balls (chosen by Silverstripe as last week’s random point winners) allowed the Bowlingtonista to give up last place to ClickSuite – although if I could repeat my hilarious joke about there being no ‘I’ in ‘Wellngtonsta Bowlng League’, ClickSuite did once again have the highest scoring individual player. Ryan managed to beat Clemenger’s Dr. Broad for that title even though Dr Broad got four strikes in a row, and ClickSuite are no doubt weighed down by their ridiculous facial hair that they’re growing for Maystache.

And while Bowltron had promised to form into one mighty lion if their score went over 500, unfortunately that just didn’t come to pass. They still creamed us though, even despite our attempts at distraction with clever rhyming chants. League table and individual points after the jump.

WBL Round 1: the results

So we met, we bowled, great epic battles were fought, and drinking was the winner on the day. And also Xero. Here’s the league points so far.

  Played Won Drawn Drink bonus Points Bonus Total
Bowlingtonista 1 0 0 1 0 1
Bowltron 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clemenger 1 1 0 1 0 5
Clicksuite 1 0 0 1 0 1
Silverstripe 1 0 0 1 0 1
Xero 1 1 0 1 1 6

Team bowling scores are after the jump.