Our advice for Wellington on a Plate 2015

Tomorrow begins that most magical time of the year. The stupid film festival has released my friends from its evil clutches and it’s time to eat, eat, eat. We’ve been covering Wellington on a Plate for a  long time now and I think we’re getting pretty good at knowing what’s what. So here’s our thoughts. […]

LCB, TK and Sunday Stroopwafels

LCB.  Le Cordon Bleu.  Learned culinary bestowers. Legends of creativity and bonhomie (yeah yeah enough already…). The LCB WOAP Haute Cuisine du Terroir on Friday night was pretty impressive (not least for being nearly five hours of imbibing instead of the planned three!).  Seven courses of French food matched with each an old world Burgundy […]

Galaktoboureko, kakapo and orange ginger jam

Oops, its already Tuesday.  Too busy at WOAP Pecha Kucha Imbibe last night! I have to start this week with lunch on Saturday at Haya café, and in particular the galaktoboureko (an experience for the tongue in many ways!).  A greek sweet with semolina-based custard in phyllo, often served with lemon, orange or rose.  On […]

And so it begins…

Like Joanna, I have a list of foodie delights to drool my way through over for the next couple of weeks courtesy of WOAP (although not as organised as that spreadsheet of hers!). Saturday commenced the frolic with a Whisky Breakfast at Arthurs.  Four breakfast courses with four whiskys (in the food and accompanying); it was […]

Wellington on a Plate is here again, hurrah!

Right now we’re knee-deep in delicious wine and food at the Wellington on a Plate launch at Prefab so if all’s going well, this post will go live right after the media embargo ends. For now, here’s what we’ve written about Wellington on a Plate over the past couple of years, and below is the […]

WOAP: just one burger

I’m running out of food-related puns. I know right, what is this I don’t even. That’s how much I’ve been eating and writing and writing about eating lately. So let’s just get right into it, shall we? Just one review for you tonight. 1. The Great Philadelphian Cheeseburger at The General Practitioner.  I’m no reality TV […]

WOAP overload: a plum and a duke

I love Wellington on a Plate, especially when I ignore my bank balance and focus on ticking off as many lines as possible on my spreadsheet.  I’ve got a couple more places to review still, but in the interests of actually getting to sleep tonight, I’ll just give you two – Plum and Duke Carvell’s. If […]

WOAP: Bake Club

The first rule of Bake Club is you have to talk about Bake Club. That splits off into subsections about using hashtags and Instagram. The second rule of Bake Club is that I suppose a link might be helpful. And the third rule is I’m going to put in a jump cut here. After the […]

More WOAP: the bland, the sublime and the curious

As I said before, I’m working my way around the lunchtime Dine menus of places near my work. Here’s what I’ve got to report. 1. Vivant 2. Little Beer Quarter 3. Ti Kouka Cafe 4. Finc

WOP: The taste of happy

So, a couple more excursions to restaurants with Wellington on a Plate menus. I’m considering going to the Warehouse and buying a pair of elastic-waisted trackpants for the rest of Wellington on a Plate. Most recently I paid a visit to Cuba Street icon Floriditas and Hippopotamus at the Museum Hotel.