Review: Serial Killers

The Gryphon’s production of Serial Killers is a period piece set in the days when instead of saying “YouTube” we said “network television,” and instead of bemoaning “reality TV” and its effects on the unwashed-at-large, we bemoaned “soap operas” and their see above. One assumes it’s intended as evergreen commentary upon the early 2000s when […]

NZ Fringe Festival 2012 into week two

The New Zealand Fringe Festival presents emerging artists in a festival of weird and wonderful performances around Wellington. The shows are are reasonably priced (or free) and are held in venues all over the city. The programme is full of shows, conveniently divided in the programme into genres –  Comedy, Dance, Music, Theatre, or Visual […]

Wellywood: blown away

So apparently we voted for the Wellington sign that’s being blown away. Naturally, Robbie Ellis has even more to say about it.

Review: Sex drive

 Sex drive is a new dramatic comedy from writers Lorae Parry and Pinky Agnew. It focuses on three women – Sylvie (Geraldine Brophy), Chrissy (Emman Kinane), and Dawn (Lyndee-Jane Rutherford) – and their quest to become independent women. The catalyst for their change from chicken factory workers to small business owners is a Lotto win…of […]

Review: Te Radar’s Eating the dog

Te Radar has a passion for history. This show has developed over a number of years from an original commission by the Christchurch Arts Festival, in conjunction with Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu, in 2005. There he explored South Island history. Here, he explores some of New Zealand’s history. Explorers, highwaymen, inventors, and entertainers are […]

Our Hearts Will Go On

I was alerted to a music video of a long-haired fellow performing an emotional rendition of “Titanic” theme song “My Heart Will Go On”. I started watching it, and it was all going well when suddenly at the 19-second mark I realised something very important: the video was filmed in Wellington. This makes it even […]

Tom Beard jumps the shark!

(Just kidding) Like parents — or how we imagine them to be — we are immensely proud when one of our snotty brats achieves recognition for the things at which they excel. And in this case, Oor Tom has been featured in the My Favourite Table section in Wednesday’s Dom Post Capital Life supplement, being recognised for […]

Wellywood Sign Song

Comedian Robbie Ellis – who you may remember for his show-stopping performance of Manners Mall Emo Song (Buslane Through My Heart) at the 2009 TAWAs – has a new video. In reaction to the hugely unpopular plan by Wellington Airport to erect a “WELLYWOOD” sign, Robbie has put his feelings into song. Sing along!

How we could actually improve our roads

If you’ve ever driven from Newtown to Kilbirnie, you’ll know how godawful the intersection with State Highway One is. The problem is that in order to cross the constant stream of traffic, you are forced to rely on the kindness of strangers giving way to you of their own accord. One enterprising young man had […]

It’s MAC GONE MAD, Wellington version

We’ve all had many chuckles at Damn You Autocorrect, but then we came to the shocking realisation that Steve Jobs must have secret insider knowledge of Wellington. Just behold these iPhone autocorrects: Churton = Churn. “Behold how we churn through so much petrol with our SUVs in even going to the shop to buy a […]