Drunken conversations: Beth from Eat and Greet

Everyone who’s a drinker knows that the best conversations happen when you are plied with good food and good drinks, so I’ve decided I’m going to interview some choice Wellingtonians after we have been imbibing together. First on the plate is Beth from Eat and Greet which launched last year and is doing a really great […]

Official Wellingtonista Unofficial Webstock Wednesday Warmup time again!

It’s that special time again! For the fourth year in a row, we’d like to invite you to come and have a drink with us before the Webstock conference. Once again,  we’ll be at the Fork and Brewer, upstairs in Bond Street, from 5.30pm on Wednesday February 13. Spot us by our Webstock satchels,  Instagramming […]

More Auckland vs Wellington malarky

Recently menus.co.nz put up a piece called Auckland is the capital of cuisine – not Wellington, and then asked a number of Wellington food bloggers to respond. The Auckland internet seems to be very short of space, as our response was edited quite heavily(*) despite sticking to the word limit (and links changed to promote […]

What we’ve been tweeting about lately

Do you follow us on Twitter? A lot of you do. But you might miss our tweets in amongst all your very important updates from sportspeople, so here’s what’s been going on. We talked about a new Mojo opening in the Telecom building on Willis Street, and what a relief that was since it was […]

Data without borders

They say that knowledge is power, and when it comes down to it, knowledge often comes from data. But how do you get the most out of your data? Or how do you get your hands on someone else’s? Find out on Thursday June 28. Data Without Borders NZ is gathering a network of non-profits, […]

A super great night with Gamefroot

Last night the City Gallery played host to the launch of Gamefroot, a new platform on which to build platform games – or more specifically, a HTML5 Game Creation tool. If you can use a web browser and if you can use mouse to click and drag – then you can use Gamefroot. The bar has […]

Get Mr Gay Wellington to Mr Gay World!

This weekend in Auckland is the Big Gay Out. Now that wouldn’t be of much interest to us here at the Wellingtonista because Out In The Square, the capital’s own queer festival is bigger and better, but at the Big Gay Out they’re also running the Mr Gay New Zealand competition and Wellington’s Marcus Fenson […]

Less than a week til Webstock ’12!

Can you feel the excitement in the air? Hear the squeak of glasses being polished,Threadless packages being opened, plaid shirts being ironed and beards being fluffed? Next week, Wellington plays host to the greatest most awesome conference in the world. Fact! We’ve already made some recommendations of things for Webstock attendees to do in Wellington, […]

The Restaurant Website Drinking Game

In our review of Capitol, we mentioned how we go there despite the dreadfulness of their website (but you probably missed that bit and cut straight to talking about negronis). What especially is so bad about their site? There’s Flash, contact details hidden, menus embedded that don’t even work properly (can anyone tell me what […]

Fast, fresh, tasty and kind of awesome

On Thursday night, our old bowling league arch nemisisisis buddies ClickSuite  launched a new iPhone and iPad app called Fast, Fresh and Tasty. We went along because we were promised food and drink, and you know how good that is at getting us to leave our houses, but we were pleasantly surprised by the app itself. Fast, […]