Profile: The mysterious guy behind Weird in Wellington

A few of us at the Wellingtonista are fans of the TAWA-nominated Weird in Wellington photo blog, a collection of oddities, curiousities and just real weird stuff out there in the city. So, using a trail of carpet offcuts, I lured the mysterious fellow behind the blog in to Wellingtonista Towers, strapped him to the […]


WordPress is a kick-arse content management system. It’s what we use to power the Wellingtonista, and many of us also use it on our personal blogs. WordPress is open source and has a lively community of users, developers and general fans, and it’s these sorts of people who will be coming together for the second […]

Webstock directions: rock out, tweet up

We’re not going to bother telling you about Webstock because a) you should already know all about it and b) there was only one ticket left as of this morning (although there are still tickets to the ONYAs available, so get on that. Instead, we’re going to tell you about two related events that we […]

Department of Linky Love: The Examiner

It’s nice to see some solid local news reporting over at new Wellington website The Examiner. The Examiner says it aims to be “… a site where we look deeper and think harder about the city we live in and the issues that matter to us. It is also a forum for telling Wellingtonians’ stories, […]

TAWA5 Best Thing in Wellington

This category is a bit of a mixed bag. It’s where we put things that we want to celebrate that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean these nominations are second thoughts. Indeed, they’re actually the some of the first things we think of when we try to define what makes Wellington […]

TAWA5 Best Contribution to the Internet from Wellington

Given that Wellington is the web capital of New Zealand, it makes sense that it’s full of people doing awesome things with and for the web.

A source of an open bar

Last week I represented the Wellingtonista at the New Zealand Open Source Awards. The Masked Barfly had been whispering in my ear stories of organisational failure in an attempt to make me worried that I wouldn’t get anything to eat, but apart from a press release announcing “Annie McCarron” as the winner of the People’s […]

Somewhat mixed up

On Wednesday night, Mix & Mash was launched at the City Gallery, asking people to use data to make new things. Of course, our Tom has been doing that for years, but painfully by hand, I believe. That shouldn’t put you off entering, rather it should inspire you. In fact, you should go read the […]

Wellington On Screen

NZ On Screen – the brilliant website dedicated to putting New Zealand film, television and music video online – is celebrating its second birthday. So to help celebrate, let us delve into the NZ On Screen archives and see what Wellington gems are to be seen. Monaco Monza Macao Wellington (1990) A TV doco looking […]

Eat and eat and eat: win a voucher for Rata Cafe

welly on a plate

 Congratulations to Angus who won last week’s prize. This week, to celebrate Wellington on a Plate, thanks to the lovely Positively Wellington Tourism, we have a $100 voucher for Rata Cafe at Zealandia (the bird sanctuary in Karori) to give away.

If you’re the lucky winner, you might want to use it to have lunch in order to get your bearings before a night tour of the sanctuary (the cafe is only open until 5pm, mind) or when you take advantage of the special winter rate of admission to the information centre.

Of course, if you’re just in it for the food, we wouldn’t blame you! Rata has a particularly spectacular deck overlooking the sanctuary, and a menu (PDF) that offers up free range and organic goodness. As part of Wellington on a Plate, they’ve got a special deal for $25