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Review: The Elephant Thief

by Mr Goulter May 19, 2016

An exuberant onstage cartoon, Indian Ink Theatre Company’s The Elephant Thief begins in a jail cell and ends in… space, or the afterlife, or some other such vague spoiler. It’s an outsized feast of imaginative staging and potential pachyderm puns, anchored by a winning performance by company newcomer Vanessa Kumar. The show’s setting is a […]

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Towards Tangi-te-Keo

by Mr Goulter May 1, 2016

Up the back of Newtown — past the hospital, past New Zealand’s first branch library, past the community display-window where the Conscientious Objectors’ memorials absent from Pukeahu Park quietly underscore ANZAC celebrations — runs a narrow path marking the spine of Tangi-te-Keo (later Mt Victoria). Māori knew the spine of Tangi-te-Keo as Te Ranga-a-Hiwi, the Ridge of […]

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A new taonga for Ngā Taonga

by Mr Goulter April 30, 2016

The 2014 amalgamation of our Film, Television and Sound Archives into Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision saw its nomenclature justified this week with the unveiling of an aural taonga for the ages. On the 35th anniversary of Wellington Access Radio’s arrival on air, broadcast material dating back throughout the station’s lively history has been added […]

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Snakes and Shadows: History as Poetry in Chris Tse’s Year of Snakes

by Mr Goulter September 22, 2014

Cross Tory Street heading toward Aro; banish the Carrilon’s long shadow behind the white-and-teal Bible Society on your left, Nurse Maude’s mosaic gaze upon your right shoulder. Point your nose toward Tara-Ngaki Street – “shining mountain-peak” – and feel Haining Street incline beneath your feet as Tory’s constant woosh recedes into urban din. The senses […]

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Review: A Collection of Noises

by Mr Goulter March 3, 2013

There aren’t any noises to speak of in A Collection of Noises. The play concerns the mental breakdown of an awkward young woman and claims Lynchian influence, so obviously there’s lots of archly deployed old-time rock ‘n’ roll; but every metaphor is visual. The central image is a bank of black and white photographs taken […]

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Review: Richard Meros Salutes the Southern Man

by Mr Goulter November 28, 2012

“Welcome to the Desert of the Real,” muttered Laurence Fishburne in 1999, proffering a pill-toting hand to lead us through the impending eschaton. Another decade, another looming ontological singularity, and whose palm are we to grasp? A glance down Courtenay Place offers the obvious answer: beckoning on the threshold, a towering Gandalf with more storeys […]

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Review: The Tigers of Wrath

by Mr Goulter November 8, 2012

“Our parents do not follow a traditional perspective, growing smaller on approach. Only later will their true scale be apparent.” – Alan Moore, The Birth Caul Once, so the legend goes, there were a race of beautiful fiery-eyed children who heard the clarion-call of a new and brighter age; and buoyed by the prosperity wrest […]

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Discover the Light House Cuba before the world’s movie-talkers spread the word during Skyfall

by Mr Goulter November 8, 2012

The Cuba Quarter’s newest entertainment venue is a welcome addition indeed, with the well-respected Light House Cinemas spreading into Wellington proper (sorry Petone but whatchagone do, you’re Petone) via their new location opposite Havana on Wigan Street. If Cuba Street and Courtenay Place had a fight (what do you mean “if,” right?), this now gives […]

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Review: The Hobbit Companion

by Mr Goulter October 30, 2012

It’s not by chance that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s was the setting that would become the default template for the popular notion of high-fantasy; no arbitrary circumstance that led to Tolkien’s intricately-crafted argot becoming the lingua franca of the sword-and-sorcery genre as it’s commonly understood today. Tolkien, with his fellow Inkling and understudy in Christianity […]

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Putting them away with JK: We attend an Event at Tuatara’s new brewery

by Mr Goulter October 11, 2012

It’s 9:50am and the glitterati of Paraparaumu are itching to get they drank on. Outside the brand-new Tuatara Brrry (or Brewery, as it’s known on paper), they huddle under the awning to escape a rain that never falls, hugging the outer wall of the benighted edifice — hoping, perhaps, to osmose their way to double-vision. […]

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