It’s time for alfresco cinema

And the weather could not be better! Tomorrow eve (Wednesday 30 Jan) we’re excited about the first screening for the Films by Starlight series for 2013. And naturally, thanks to Mr Chris Morley-Hall, it’s BIGGER, BETTER and MOBILE. And they’re all free thanks to the Council’s Summer City programme. No longer confined to the Dell […]

Middle of Middle Earth Market and Movies

There’s a hobbit-abrewing in this wee city of ours. Today we’ve got another guest post from HeatherC from Foodie Gems of Wellington all about the markets going on. Get in quick!  If you’re a LOTR fan, you could do worse than get yourself down to Waitangi Park for 6pm each of the next three nights […]

Discover the Light House Cuba before the world’s movie-talkers spread the word during Skyfall

The Cuba Quarter’s newest entertainment venue is a welcome addition indeed, with the well-respected Light House Cinemas spreading into Wellington proper (sorry Petone but whatchagone do, you’re Petone) via their new location opposite Havana on Wigan Street. If Cuba Street and Courtenay Place had a fight (what do you mean “if,” right?), this now gives […]

Review: The Hobbit Companion

It’s not by chance that John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s was the setting that would become the default template for the popular notion of high-fantasy; no arbitrary circumstance that led to Tolkien’s intricately-crafted argot becoming the lingua franca of the sword-and-sorcery genre as it’s commonly understood today. Tolkien, with his fellow Inkling and understudy in Christianity […]

Feeling chipper

On top of all the recent openings, there are several more bars, restaurants, cafés clubs and other new places to look forward to in the next few months. One surprising and welcome trend is the re-emergence of central city fish and chip shops. An outfit called Fish n’ Chips on Tory looks (at the time […]

Wellington has braaaaaaains

Congratulations to Noise and Pictures, the Wellington team who took out the V 48 Hours movie competition with their clip Brains?. Is it just us or is New Newlands actually less scary than Current Newlands? NOISE AND PICTURES from 48HOURS on Vimeo.

Action! Claude Rains brings it to the Hutt.

If you happened to be cruising near the Avalon Skate Park a couple of weekends ago, you may have been lucky enough to witness a most unusual scene, local band Claude Rains were filming their first music video for their upcoming, self-titled first album. Director Gwen Isaac pulled in some favours and there was a […]

World Cinema Showcase 2012

After a splendid Wellington Film Festival last year, the New Zealand International Film Festival might be forgiven for putting their feet up and taking it easy but instead they have gone out of their way to produce another basket of goodies to fill the Easter weekend and beyond: the grandly titled World Cinema Showcase. Arguably […]

Keep that picnic rug in the car

Just a note to anyone planning on heading to the Dell for the 2012 Films By Starlight screening tonight, Bill Cunningham New York has been postponed due to the wind until tomorrow night, Friday 20 January.     The screenings start at dusk (approx 8:30 – 8:45pm). This picture is the crowd assembled by 7:45 last night […]

Deluxe is deluxe

One of the most exciting and stimulating things about living in Wellington is the fact the our cinemas are continually reinvesting in their facilities and always trying to top each other in quality of fit out and customer experience. What have we done to deserve this!? This year the burghers of Miramar got the Ming […]