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What not to wear to the sevens

by Joanna January 28, 2013

It’s that time of year when people will call us buzzkills for not enjoying having our streets extra-clogged with vomit and having all of our female friends feel extra unsafe on the streets because of all the douchecanoes who think that because they’re wearing a costume they can harass with impunity. But we’re not buzzkills, […]

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It’s the goddamn Roller Derby!

by Hadyn May 18, 2012

This Saturday. Brutal Pageant! Smash Malice! And a whole heap of screaming fans! Be there! Or be that person who says “I’ve always wanted to go to Roller Derby, what’s it like?” Nobody likes that person. Don’t be them! Saturday 19 May TSB Arena Doors open at 6 Tickets from here or on the door (there is no […]

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The Fright before Xmas – RCRD Derby Double Header

by Hadyn November 29, 2011

It’s back! After months in exile while we had that big rugby party, Roller Derby is back on the menu. On Saturday (just a few days before New Zealand’s world cup team begins its campaign in Toronto) all of the action will be right here in the capital as Wellington’s awesome Richter City Roller Derby […]

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The Rugby World Cup and You, Too

by Alan September 6, 2011

Despite Hadyn’s earlier post we know there’s a reasonable proportion of you out there (just as among the Wellingtonista itself) that are relatively meh about this whole World Cup thing. But whatever your opinions about the event, it has to be acknowledged that a lot of effort has gone into the associated off-field activities, many […]

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The Rugby World Cup and You

by Hadyn September 6, 2011

It’s a very exciting time. Just look how excited those people are in that image. The city is filling up with tourists from all over the world, and unlike the Cruise Line Season, these ones will be less homogenous and stick around after dark. However, like the Cruise Line Season, these tourists will be clogging […]

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The glorious struggles of the people’s working-class rugby art sculpture

by Robyn September 5, 2011

A year and a half ago we were offered a tantalising glimpse of the model of the Weta Workshop-designed Wellington rugby sculpture, noting its resemblance to a provincial junior rugby trophy, a knick-knack gift for a rugby-loving uncle, and a vagina. And then finally the full-size sculpture appeared, tucked away in Jack Ilott Green, that […]

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Two teams enter, one team leaves.

by Hadyn July 13, 2011

I suppose actually both teams leave, except they leave at the same time, so it’s like one team. In any case this weekend Roller Derby Bout is going to be big. Thunderdome big! Photo credit: Jed Soane. It’s been exactly three months since the season kicked off with a triple-header bout featuring all three teams. […]

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Slam and Smash

by Hadyn May 25, 2011

Game Two of the roller derby season is on this weekend at the TSB arena. It’s the leopard-print hunter-killers of Smash Malice up against the blue and silver super heroes of Comic Slams. And we have a double pass to give away! (see below for details) After claiming the first bout of the season, Smash […]

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Game On[e]!

by Hadyn May 3, 2011

It’s the two old foes against each other: Brutal Pageant and Smash Malice. We saw what both teams had to offer in the recent exhibition game and now they square off in the first game of the Richter City regular season. It’s gonna be big and we have a double pass to give away! To enter […]

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Triple T(h)reat

by Hadyn April 12, 2011

It’s quite an odd time for Roller Derby. The sport is definitely taking off and in Wellington, Richter City is at least as popular, going by attendance, as the local trans-Tasman netball team, The Pulse. Generally people know about it as well, no more “Roller Derby? What’s that?” or “Yeah I’ll go to the Derby, […]

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